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Masking is all about covering off when painting, coating, sandblasting, powder coating or metallizing during surface treatment in your production process.

All types of masking before surface treatment have to ensure that no paint, sandblasting or other surface treatment comes into the places where you do not want it. And for that purpose we stock everything in silicones and rubber such as hoses and tapes, EPDM plastic and copper-plated steel.

In addition, we cut masking tape with and without paper and tape as labels and label sheets according to your drawing.

Want to know more about what we can do to optimize your coverage and surface treatment?

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Suspension systems for electroplating and powder coating

Suspension systems for electroplating and powder coating

- At EPIFATECH, our goal is to share knowledge and experience with our customers to help them on their way to developing their business. What we want is a partnership where we help create the unique solutions that lift the customer's business, Patrik Karagianis, Proprietor of EPIFATECH, points out.

This common approach to cooperation with the customer is one of the reasons why we have chosen to enter into an exclusive trading agreement with Gottfred Petersen. We see great advantages in that we together can become a complete supplier of all the masking products you use all the way around a surface treatment.

- And that you also have the opportunity to have your goods stocked at Gottfred Petersen, gives you a number of advantages not having the goods in stock yourself.

We customize your masking solution!

We customize everything from tape to hanger for internal and external suspension, simplified suspension system and different kinds of copper hooks when you need a unique solution.

Although there is no product that we have not already stocked or can obtain home, we sometines come across inquiries for hangers, hooks and racks, where the solution is not yet available. When that happens, we do everything possible to develop and customize the items you need.

Whether we develop a fixture for electrolytic outer treatment, powder coating, metallization, sandblasting or some other type of paint, we always incorporate good ergonomics into the solution, as well as being aware of the heat treatment your solution has to go through. And of course we cut the tape to exactly the format you need.

We customize your masking solution!

Overnight delivery of all stock items

Overnight delivery of all stock items

Because we have thousands of item on the shelves, we have the ability to deliver products to you from day to day. A flexibility that helps ensure your production.

We see it as a unique optimization opportunity to give you more time by delivering the complete range of masking products that make your working day the easiest possible. At Gottfred Industri we all have 10 to 15 years of experience in advising on masking for surface treatment. However, we do not go along to seek out new knowledge in the development of the unique solution you need.

We'll gladly customize your masking solution

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the exact product or masking solution you are looking for in our product range. We will gladly die-cast and customize workpieces for you anytime.

- And we will make sure it is done quickly, inexpensively and in the required quality.

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 We'll gladly customize your masking solution