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Gottfred Petersen A/S is a family-owned trading company with a wide product range and a highly efficient logistic set-up.

Our product range consists of:

Products related to concrete used within the building industry
- e.g., waterproofing, spacers, permanent formwork, reinforcement systems and a lot more.
Utility products for customers within a variety of industrial segments
- e.g., washers, sliders, plastic caps/plugs, handles, adjusting screws and a lot more.
Plumbing and sanitary products for industrial wholesalers
- e.g., manifolds, fittings, pipe holders, WC connector solutions and a lot more.


Products for various industrial segments

Products for various industrial segments

Products for all industrial segments but primary focus on:

  • Wholesalers (Industrial/plumbing), Hydraulic, Rehab, Manufacturers of farming equipment and the Metal-working industry.
  • Access to more than 100.000 plumbing and sanitary items and utility products made of plastics and stainless steel.
  • We own houndreds of injection moulding tools and we do develop customer-specific items on request, also private labels.
  • Most items we have in our a product range - if not we find it!

Products related to concrete construction

Products related to concrete construction
  • We are a partner of every prefab manufacturer and all large construction companies in Denmark. We are also selling through retailers, timber yards and wholesalers. 
  • Our employees have vast experience, education and expertise with all aspects of working with concrete.
  • Our customers often use our employees as consultants.
  • The products we sell are primarily from Danish suppliers or imported from Scandinavia or the EU.

Highlights of Gottfred Petersen A/S

  • Established in 1960 and a financially solid company with a track-record of positive results.
  • A trading company ideally located in the center of Denmark with easy distribution for all parts of the country.
  • A highly skilled organization consisting of nearly 40 employees with an average seniority of approx. 10 years.
  • Certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.